Civil law has a unique importance in the Portuguese legal system. In addition to the specific legal and technical complexity that involves civil legal situations, it is still the transversal law to all the Portuguese legal system.

This is an area of activity in which IS & Associates is deeply engaged and particularly involved. Thus, its team members possess a very high preparation and experience in the most diverse dominions of such are , in particular with regard to the law of obligations (contracts in particular, civil liability, among others), rights in rem, family law and law of successions.

IS & Associates provides advice to its clients on all commercial and corporate matters, with particular emphasis on negotiation and drafting of contracts and corporate documents of all types, as well as more complex operations such as those relating to mergers and acquisitions, as part of which, the firm regularly assists international clients in cross-border transactions.

IS & Associates has an extensive experience in negotiation, analysis, advice and drafting of all types of private-law contracts, including of purchase and sale, lease, warrants, real and obligational guarantees, services, loan , franchising, agency contracts, distribution, retail, IP, mediation, leasing, factoring and renting.

The firm has extensive experience in the occupational field and in the field of labor law, providing legal assistance in the conception and implementation of restructuring of the personal frame in businesses, individual and collective negotiations relating to the establishment of working conditions, in contracts for the top executives severance agreements and contracts, including the definition of the legal framework, defining the contours of negotiations, strategies and tactics, conducting negotiations and elaboration of legal instruments - providing legal advice and conducting negotiations and restructuring procedures and termination of individual and collective employment contracts.

IS & Associates provides services in the field of tax law, in particular under the IRC, IRS, VAT, stamp, consumer taxes and matters ranging from transfer prices to international double taxation.

We are also asked to provide advice on tax optimization, particularly in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring of national and international corporations. These include financing operations, management of assets and foreign investment.

The firm also provides assistance in the defense of the securities from clients during tax inspections and in tax dispute resolution.

IS & Associates prides itself of its activity in the notification of concentration operations before national and European authorities, representing both national and international clients.

As a result of its work in M&A, the firm has also long experience in notification processes, particularly in cross-border transactions and in joint ventures.

Another aspect of IS & Associates is within the distribution, agency and franchising markets, regarding drafting and negotiation of these agreements among the close monitoring my means of legal opinion on issues such as exclusive territorial protection obligations, resale price maintenance, exclusive distribution, abuse of economic dependence, as well as other mechanisms.

IS & Associates is experienced concerning the analysis of the applicability of the Treaty of the European Union and in notifications to competition authorities under the internal and community standards.

IS & Associates is experienced in the legal advice to clients in the area of Public Law and matters regarding public procurement. The services in this area include the representation of private entities in the most varied segments of the discipline, particularly in public procurement: contracts for the supply of goods and services to public administration, public works contracts and public service concessions, namely in project finance.

IS & Associates has solid experience in the area of public procurement, having advised multiple times both competitors in public procurement processes as well as the contracting entities.

The legal services provided by IS & Associates covering almost all the types of contracts, with an emphasis on public procurement in the area of telecommunications; the acquisition of equipment by Portuguese security forces and the provision of information technologies.

In the field of contracts is to highlight that the services provided include advice from competitors and private contractors, but also of public entities, e.g. the elaboration of programs and terms of reference and the participation in public tenders.

IS Associates represents several clients in matters of protection of intellectual and industrial property rights and copyright, at the initial stage of registration and initial protection, as well as litigation and advising clients against third-party complaints and/or regarding the prevention and limitation of brand abuses in use and exploits.

The firm also provides legal assistance regarding licensing processes, data protection rights and publicity law.

Criminal law and administrative offences are increasing in emphasis on both national and international legal scenarios, given the trend towards the expansion of criminal liability and offences, in particular enterprises and corporations.

IS & Associates has vast experience in advising in this area, both in terms of defense and prosecution, providing legal services to legal and natural persons, and is especially suited for the monitoring of corporations and its directors.

The firm provides legal advice in the pharmaceutical area, focusing their activities, among others, on production, distribution, Marketing Authorization procedures, clinical trials, public procurement, information, advertising, competition, cosmetics, medical devices and intellectual property.

IS & Associates is also dedicated to all current Pharmaceutical law issues, such as pharmacovigilance and pharmaceutical liability.

In this multidisciplinary area, IS & Associates develops its activity advising all kinds of customers regarding expropriation procedures, intervention of allotments and licensing of works, such as hotels, tourist resorts, housing estates, factories (chemical complexes and automotive industry).

The firm maintains an extensive activity in the area of real estate law, in particular concerning the construction, acquisition, sale and rental of buildings, developing significant legal assistance also in the sector of urbanism, in particular with regard to tourism projects, promotion and construction and administrative licenses.

Within the hotel industry, IS & Associates provides services, among others, in operations of purchase of hotel units, due diligence, restructurings, franchising agreements, licensing and administrative processes supporting the current hotel and tourist activity.

IS & Associates has extended its practice to the telecommunications law, in particular providing legal advice to companies with activity in the mobile communications sector, as well as in their interactions with regulatory authorities and national industrial and community associations.

The firm has an outstanding experience of legal advice in this area of law in constant change, namely in projects related to matters of environmental pollution, waste treatment and management, safety and health protection.

IS & Associates ensures support, within the framework of resolution of disputes, based by the constant defense of its clients' interests, combining the experience of a specialized team and the availability of organizational technical means, with a view to the effective resolution of disputes, in order to be pragmatic, providing legal advice in all national and international legal instances, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Civil, commercial and corporate law;
  • Banking and financial law;
  • Insurance law;
  • Liquidation and business recovery;
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Copyrights;
  • Administrative law, urban planning and the environment;
  • Competition law, agency and commercial distribution;
  • Advertising law, Audiovisual and media;
  • Criminal law, Criminal law and Economic Data;
  • Family and successions.

Our Expertise

In a world of constant change and evolution,  definition of consolidated strategies, vision and a rigorous selection of the relevant information to the decision-making processes, are the bastions of the success and longevity of the companies.

In IS & Associates, the legal consulting services begin with the study of reality and positioning of each client, taking into account the differential variables developed or in development amongst the relevant markets.

We represent and advise our clients in the fundamental areas related to corporate law, such as civil law, commercial and competition, even in the relationship with public authorities, such as public procurement and regulatory aspects, and we possess a specialized knowledge in all matters relating to labor law, intellectual and industrial property rights, copyrights, data protection, advertising and tax law.