The Firm - Isabel Seuanes & Associates

Because the cornerstone of advocacy is the trust built from recognized Independence.

The Firm is active in the market of legal services since 1990, providing a rigorous and personalized support to a diverse universe of companies involved in multiple market sectors. Because today it is essential to give a present and conscious response to the reality of each company, IS & Associates dedicates itself, firstly, to the study of the positioning and business objectives of each client, offering a specialized work and a thorough, far-reaching involvement in all matters related to each individually considered project.

To cope with the challenges of everyday life, the Firm relies on the experience of the senior lawyers and a young team in permanent development, formed of serious, competent and dedicated people willing to wear the client’s shoes in order to build the trust and loyalty required to all decision-making processes.

In addition to the technical skills of the lawyers who integrate IS & Associates, the consciousness of the value person of the individuals and their respective social environment, constitutes an essential pillar to the ethics in the performance of the profession and to the longevity of the organization itself.

Focus, rigor, loyalty and professional dedication, characterize our commitment to our clients. These are the values that have been guiding the day-to-day of IS & Associates throughout its years of activity and which enable the Firm to be involved, regularly participate in innovative and large scale projects, both nationally and internationally.